Essential tools for a perfect lawn

There is nothing better than a lush green carpet-like lawn in the garden. However, planting an all new lawn is no less than an adventure. You need to prepare and plan well in advance. To plant a proper lawn, it is important that you make use of the right tools. Using the right tool to mow your lawn, not only makes your task easier, but it will also make sure you have a healthy lawn. You can also make use of the common garden tools that gives you a great lawn that you have desired for.

What are the tools that are needed?

Among the most common types of lawn mowing tools, the lawn mower is the first to mention. This is one such tool that is available in different types, making lawn care easy for you. While some of the lawn mower comes with cylindrical blades, some are also able to collect the fallen leaves as they go. Usually, mowers are gas driven, and to make them essentially environment friendly, users will also find variety that are push propelled. If the lawn mower is not giving you desired results, you can opt for a string trimmer, used by the gardeners to cut the uneven grass that mowers cannot reach. This tool is perfect to be used for the grass in the corner of the walls or the boundary. At a high rotating speed, the nylon strings cut the uneven grasses properly.

Regardless of the size of the garden, a neatly shaped lawn is quite attractive. For regular lawn mowing, edging shears make garden trimming easy. If you have found too many turfs in the garden lately, then you also need a turfing iron. This tool comes with a sharp point for cutting the turfs and a handle to level pieces of turf. It is also imperative that you have a half moon cutter in your garden toolkit. The half moon cutter comes with a sharp yet flat blade that cuts the turf efficiently in a perfect straight line.

Among the variety of garden tools, the leveling rake deserves special mention. Leveling rakes comes in two varieties, either stainless steel or wooden heads. When seeds are sown, this tool is used to level the soil. To get a smooth finish, you can make use of the head of the rake and run over the surface time and time again. The spring-tined rake is yet another tool that most gardeners use to remove the dead grass from the base of the plants. One can use this tool to scratch the surface of the soil to remove the plants from the roots. This tool can also be used to remove dried and dead leaves scattered on the lawn.

The must-have garden tool is a simple broom. You may wonder what a broom can do in order to keep your lawn in shape, but the point is, having a broom in your garden kit can work wonders. With the effective use of the broom, you can make small holes created for aeration. You can keep the pathways of your garden clean and tidy, by sweeping it regularly with a broom. It is better not to make use of the brooms with soft heads. If you want a broom for keeping your lawn tidy, you can also opt for an old-fashioned besom. It is a stiff broom, quite helpful in sweeping off the leaves from your garden and removes grass cuttings after mowing. The best part is, you can even make a besom all by yourself, just take a sturdy wooden stick and tie the brushwood using a string.

Choosing the right garden tool is imperative if you want to get the garden that looks picturesque

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